Monday, January 31, 2011

Fresno Pacific Univ. Kin 710 Week 4 Entry #14

Just got through looking at  Interesting site.  I'm not quite sure how good the website is because there are some podcasts out there on the internet related to athletics/fitness etc... that weren't on their site?  Also a couple of the podcast that I wanted to watch required creating an account with their server or site and others didn't have the option to FOLLOW them on my bloglines account.  I eventually found a podcast "fitness workout with Marina Kamen.  I had to download their podcast software or some sort of requirement to subscribe/watch.  This was also one of the few that I was able to add to my Bloglines account. I did find other interesting podcasts related to kinesiology, there were some bodybuilding, exersice and nutritional podcast as well.  Overall not a bad site, but I'm interested in finding a better directory!

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