Thursday, February 17, 2011

Fresno Pacific Univ. Kin 710 Week 6 #18


I believe I have got my personal GOOGLE Site up and running.  It took me longer than I had expected and was much more involved then I prefer when working with a website, but none GOOGLE SITES it is a beneficial resource.  I have some more modifications to make and some things I want to add but for now I'm pleased.

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Fresno Pacific Univ. Kin 710 Week 6 #17


Just got through signing up and exploring PLAXO and LINKEDIN.  Both sites were very easy to navigate and understand.  Comparing and contrasting the three of them I personally like Facebook.  Facebook is much more personal and social compared to linkedin and plaxo.  Thats just my personal feelings toward social networking sites.  On the business side of things both plaxo and linkedin are great sites.  The visual layout of plaxo was alittle more appealing but linkedin seemed to have more visible options and information displayed on the page.  Both of the sites were easy to upload my contacts. I do like how plaxo managed my cotacts for me as apposed to linkedin.  Other than that the seem to be very simular in purpose and options, a little more time to play with them and I will probably pick my favorite between the two.

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Fresno Pacific Univ. Kin 710 Week 5 #16

LIBRARYTHING.COM!  Just got through looking at LIBRARYTHING.COM.  Thats probably the most usefull book catalog I have used including the catalogs at bookstores like Borders and Barnes & Noble.  I found more books and topics then I have at any other search engine and bookstore.  I'm definately going to use this website.  I actuall plan on purchasing some books next week!

Fresno Pacific Univ. Kin 710 Week 5 #15

Just got through using  Pretty neat website, it had some cool options, kind of minimal but cool none the less.  Other websites had some more involved options and effects all of which took a little more time and effort.  The picture I choose was of my favorite dog, a bulldog.  The picture was pretty neat to begin with I just played with it and inhanced it. 


Monday, January 31, 2011

Fresno Pacific Univ. Kin 710 Week 4 Entry #14

Just got through looking at  Interesting site.  I'm not quite sure how good the website is because there are some podcasts out there on the internet related to athletics/fitness etc... that weren't on their site?  Also a couple of the podcast that I wanted to watch required creating an account with their server or site and others didn't have the option to FOLLOW them on my bloglines account.  I eventually found a podcast "fitness workout with Marina Kamen.  I had to download their podcast software or some sort of requirement to subscribe/watch.  This was also one of the few that I was able to add to my Bloglines account. I did find other interesting podcasts related to kinesiology, there were some bodybuilding, exersice and nutritional podcast as well.  Overall not a bad site, but I'm interested in finding a better directory!

Fresno Pacific Univ. Kin 710 Week 4 Entry #13

Heres another video I found.  I had no idea I was on youtube!  That video is 9 years old!  I'm the one who jumps on the dogpile with my legs in the air.  GOOD TO BE A GOLDPANNER!

Fresno Pacific Univ. Kin 710 Week 4 Entry #12

YOUTUBE  Just got through looking through   I have been on the site many times and looked at many different things. from "old commercials" of friends to short random uploads of "carshows" and "how to videos"  I've always liked how you seek out a video topic and then they give you "RELATED" videos on the side of the main video.  Many times I start with one topic and end up looking at something completely different, which is kind of cool. The only down side is videos that are posted in the wrong area or under the wrong topic, which doesn't happern often but still kind of annoying.  If it was possible I would like to use this entire site for my classes.  In the future I would like to post how-to videos as well as instructional videos, that students can view anytime and further their education and sports knowledge.

Heres a throw back to some of my early childhood memories!  Ah the 80's

What the hell is this?  Another 80's workout