Monday, January 31, 2011

Fresno Pacific Univ. Kin 710 Week 4 Entry #14

Just got through looking at  Interesting site.  I'm not quite sure how good the website is because there are some podcasts out there on the internet related to athletics/fitness etc... that weren't on their site?  Also a couple of the podcast that I wanted to watch required creating an account with their server or site and others didn't have the option to FOLLOW them on my bloglines account.  I eventually found a podcast "fitness workout with Marina Kamen.  I had to download their podcast software or some sort of requirement to subscribe/watch.  This was also one of the few that I was able to add to my Bloglines account. I did find other interesting podcasts related to kinesiology, there were some bodybuilding, exersice and nutritional podcast as well.  Overall not a bad site, but I'm interested in finding a better directory!

Fresno Pacific Univ. Kin 710 Week 4 Entry #13

Heres another video I found.  I had no idea I was on youtube!  That video is 9 years old!  I'm the one who jumps on the dogpile with my legs in the air.  GOOD TO BE A GOLDPANNER!

Fresno Pacific Univ. Kin 710 Week 4 Entry #12

YOUTUBE  Just got through looking through   I have been on the site many times and looked at many different things. from "old commercials" of friends to short random uploads of "carshows" and "how to videos"  I've always liked how you seek out a video topic and then they give you "RELATED" videos on the side of the main video.  Many times I start with one topic and end up looking at something completely different, which is kind of cool. The only down side is videos that are posted in the wrong area or under the wrong topic, which doesn't happern often but still kind of annoying.  If it was possible I would like to use this entire site for my classes.  In the future I would like to post how-to videos as well as instructional videos, that students can view anytime and further their education and sports knowledge.

Heres a throw back to some of my early childhood memories!  Ah the 80's

What the hell is this?  Another 80's workout

Fresno Pacific Univ. Kin 710 Week 4 Entry #11

Just got through looking at a website call TECHNORATI for last 20 min. and got minimal results!?  Apparently TECHNORATI is a search engine for BLOGS.  I didn't like the website at all.  My first search in "blogs" gave me 1.9 million results, which is alot! I found some interesting titles and topics but alot of the content seemed to be cluttered, maybe I didn't filter right...? But then my next couple searches or attempeted searches yielded nothing, nada!  Blog directory gave me ZERO, Tags gave me ZERO, and Post gave me ZERO.  Maybe I wasn't searching the proper way, but my colleague tried the website and also had problems searching and getting results...?  What ever, I spent 20 minutes looking at the website and even if I was searching wrong, 20min is to long to try and figure the site out.  A website shouldn't be that confusing, again maybe it was me.

Fresno Pacific Univ. Kin 710 Week 4 Entry #10

Interesting site!  Kind of like a favorites option that you can access from any computer as opposed to just yours.  I also like how you can see what other people are tagging and bookmarking.  I would definately use this site for personal and professional use.  I like how I can see what other colleagues are bookmarking and viewing.  Also having TAGS is a real quick way to find things, I like that especially for research!  Having a quick search option just for research options is great.

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Fresno Pacific Univ. Kin 710 Week 3 Entry #9

GOOGLE DOCS!  Just finished the google docs assignment.  EASY and Useful.  Again another internet application that I did not know was available.  Later I'm going to explore and see what I can find for work and for personal use, especially "templates"

Fresno Pacific Univ. Kin 710 Week 3 Entry #8

Last night I created my own blogline!  I had no idea that sort of personal customization option even existed.  These sort of websites bring a whole new meaning to surfing the web.  I don't even know if you can call it surfing any more.  Its more like VALET SERVICE for the web, everything comes to you.  I found some cool feed on the bloglines website and the layout of the web page was very user friendly.  Although one option I would like to see is the "ticker tape" option", simular to what you might see on CNN or ESPN, that little bar with information scrolling across the screen.  If there was a website that allowed you to look at your computer, whether it be WORD or the INTERNET and have that ticker tape contiuously scrolling at the bottom of the screen, that would make this sort of "FEED" perfect.!

Monday, January 24, 2011

Fresno Pacific Univ. Kin 710 Week 3 Entry #7

WEB 2.0 Awards  WOW just got done looking at one of the WEB 2.0 award winners.  I looked at  I believe it came in second in its categorie.  I wanted to look at #1 but for some reason it wouldn't load???  Anyways this TeamSnap product is a "TEAM MOM"s best friend. I currently help coach my friends sons COOPERSTOWN baseball team.  and everything that we have been talking about, organizing and trying to figure out is in this company's product.  The product did the common stuff like statistics, pictures and rosters.  They even covered refreshments and snacks! 

Fresno Pacific Univ. Kin 710 Week 3 Entry #6

Technology in my future career.  I was thinking las week about all of the technologies that we have been using and discussing for this class.  Unfortunately many of them I can't really rely on or incorporate into my curriculm.  Not because they aren't useful or applicable but because where I currently teach many students do not have access to the internet.  Many of my students come from low income families.

However once I have finished this Masters Program I intend to move on into the Junior College level.  Depending on the class that I teach I would love to have weekly podcast discussing the assignments and activities for each week.  Also a class web page with video demonstrations and extra info.

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Fresno Pacific Univ. Kin 710 Week 2 Entry #6 3 Article Readings

Article: WEB 2.0/Library 2.0

WEB 2.0?  First of all I had no idea what the hell WEB 2.0 was before I read this article!  After reading it I am glad WEB 2.0 has come about because I can remember when the internet first came about.  You'd click on a link or type in an address and 3 minutes later a blurry image would be on your screen.  You'd enjoy that page for about 1 minute and then click for another page!  Now the internet is so accessible and personal!  Finding something takes seconds and running into something new that interests you seems almost scarry.  I personally have got on the internet to do research baseball and ended up looking at the HOME AND GARDEN SITE.    Its amazing how content is distributed and marketed.  Again I started with baseball and ended up with HOME AND GARDEN.  Under normal circumstances I would neer have been on the H&G site.  Now its one of my bookmarks!  This kind of random interactions is what a Library needs.  Students now a days students get bombarded with media, action, and entertainment. Getting a child/student into the library with the intent to research or read one topic and expanding their interests, more virtual, educational and  interactive entainment is what a library needs!

Article: Emerging Technologies....Public Library.....Models

Like the previous Article: WEB 2.0/Library 2.0, this article focuses on technology in libraries.  Everything in this article makes sense.  What I want to know is whats taking so long for these technologies to be implemented? It doesn't take a genius to see our library systems need reform.  Unfortunately funding for libraries is lacking.  At my school we don't even have a librarian and the library is closed most of the week!  Its sad to see that we as a society/educators have legitimate and valuable ideas to connect with our students/children but are unable to implement them.

Article: Examining Social Software......

I personally am not a big fan of social sites.  I prefer to spend my free time strengthening my relationships personal or professional by actually talking with them face to face or just being in their company.  At 29 years old I have come to the realization that I am already out of the loop!  As a teacher, ALL my students are in the loop.  And to be a good, influential and enjoyable teacher I need to connect with my students. Now I'm not saying I'm going to go find all of my students facebook pages but I need to make more of an effort to use technology to connect with my students academically.  I need to learn about their interest, make an educational connection and use technology to faclitate interactions within my class.

Fresno Pacific Univ. Kin 710 Week 2 Entry #5 Flickr

Just posted some pics on my FLICKR page.  Very easy to do, just like posting images on Facebook. :)
These pictures are some pictures that I have taken over the years and used in our BACK TO SCHOOL NIGHT presentation for the parents.  There is a golf unit picture, 1 mile run pictures, as well as our character development unit pictures (the one in the gym where the students are writing in their journals

Fresno Pacific Univ. Kin 710 Week 2 Entry #4 Flickr


Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Fresno Pacific Univ. Kin 710 Week 2 Entry #3

Just set up a TWITTER account.  I don't get it.  From what I understand it's mostly like insights to someones thoughts or what they are doing.  Although, I have recently seen corporations and companies advertising thier TWITTER account.  They are posting promotions and special events on their TWITTER page.  Coupons, Sales, Specials  Now thats something I am interested in!

Fresno Pacific Univ. Kin 710 Week 2 Entry #2 Technology

Just got through looking at Flickr! What a great site.  One of my hobbies is custom cars and custom motorcycles.  I try and go to as many car/motorcycle shows as possible.  My wife and I usually go and walk, relax and enjoy the weekend.  Living in SoCal there is almost a show every weekend within driving distance, unfortunately we cant make it to all of them.  But with this website (flickr) I can see everything I have missed! :)

On a side note I am looking forward to the IPhone becoming a available for Verizon!  I'm not one of those people who have to have the newest and greatest technology but it is something I'd like to have.  It does kind of go against my current lifestyle.  I'm trying to slow down and simplify and it seems everyone else is trying to multi-task.

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Fresno Pacific Univ. Kin 710 Week 1 Entry #1

Ok!  I have finally got this BLOG page started.  The process was much easier then I expected.  After I am through with this Masters Program, I might even use this for some personal/family communication.