Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Fresno Pacific Univ. Kin 710 Week 3 Entry #9

GOOGLE DOCS!  Just finished the google docs assignment.  EASY and Useful.  Again another internet application that I did not know was available.  Later I'm going to explore and see what I can find for work and for personal use, especially "templates"



  1. I'd heard of this resource....but didn't really know what it was about until I did this assignment. It's pretty cool. I like the accessibility it gives you to your own documents, pretty much anytime you want. I think I'm going to be using this a lot for my assignments.

  2. I've used Google Docs before, there isn't much for physical education teachers but there are so many other useful documents you can use. I just like to see what others are doing or have done. I just like that you can access the document from any computer and you don't have to install any software!